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Aluminum circle according to GOST 21488−97 — it’s a prefabricated circular cross-section, produced the different parameters of aluminium AD0, AD1, HELL or alloy AD31, AMC, D16, AK6, 1, AK8, AK4, AK4−1, etc. the diameter of the circle — within 8−400 mm, length — 0,5−6 m. the Chemical composition of normalizes GOST 4784−97.

A method of manufacturing Section Precision manufacturing Plasticity
round steel bars — D; hot-pressed G round — CU; normal — N, high — P high. soft — M; semi-solid — P; solid — T

The surface of the circle must be Mat, without bundles, cracks, foreign inclusions, traces of dirt or oil stains. The ovality and the curvature of the test according to GOST 26877−91. Packaging, storage, transportation and temporary corrosion protection — according to GOST 9.510−93.


Aluminium circle is one of the most popular types of rolled aluminium. Surface oxide film gives excellent resistance to corrosion. Unlike other non-ferrous metals, this range is very affordable and has excellent consumer qualities. High thermal and electrical conductivity, workability, namagnichennosti sufficient specific strength that allowed him to take a worthy place among similar materials in modern industry, especially in electrical engineering. Long service life, reliability, reasonable price — make it relevant and in many related industries. It is important that after recycling aluminium can be reused.


Aluminum circle when compared with other alloys — lose in heat resistance and strength. Aluminium’s low fatigue resistance, which reduces the reliability of structural components.


Aluminum circle is unlimited in scope, ranging from electrical and instrumentation and ending the food industry, meat production, brewing and soft drink sector, shipbuilding and aircraft construction. It is used in the production of electrically conductive networks, the welding of structures, working in conditions of high humidity. Since this circle is easily transported, assembled, dismantled — this considerably extends its application. It produces a durable and light frame construction. Good thermal conductivity makes it popular in the refrigeration and heat transfer systems, and low specific gravity — in the transport engineering.


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