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The aluminum sheet is relevant today in many ways. Surface oxide film gives excellent resistance to corrosion. Unlike other non-ferrous metals such sheet is very affordable and has excellent consumer qualities. High heat-, conductivity, manufacturability, namagnichennosti sufficient specific strength that allowed him to take a worthy place among similar materials in modern industry. Long service life, reliability, reasonable price — make it relevant in many industries. It is important that after recycling aluminium can be reused.


The aluminum sheet when compared with other alloys — lose in heat resistance and strength. Aluminium’s low fatigue resistance, which reduces the reliability of structural parts working under load.


Engineering, transport, construction, food industry, light industry, production of consumer goods. Good thermal conductivity makes it popular in the refrigeration and heat transfer systems, and low specific gravity — in the transport engineering. «Corrugated sheet» is relevant as outdoor anti-slip coating. In construction, design, automotive it has a strong position.


Manufacturer of aluminum sheet of the most popular brands 1105 and 1561, HELL, AMG and AMC normalizes GOST 21631. The manufacturing process includes hot and cold deformation. On the surface there should be no mechanical damages, cracks, tears, shells. The sheet surface should have an even color. Produced sheets of General purpose, food, corrugated, perforated («diamond», «duet», «quintet»). The perforated sheet should have a thickness up to six millimeters, the openings in this type of sheet can be of different shapes: slit, round or square. From corrugated sheet — matte surface with a convex pattern, the so-called «riffles», which are angled to each other.

Material Mark Prefabricated Cross-section mm The presence of the kg Price
Aluminium АМГ5М Sheet 1−10x1500x4000 540 88
-«- AMCM -«- 0,5−4x1500x4000 220 75
-«- Д16АТ -«- 2−10x1500x4000 456 105
-«- АД1М -«- 1x1500x4000 120 70
-«- А5Н -«- 0,5x1500x4000 136 70
-«- Д16АМ -«- 2−8x1500x4000 195 92
-«- D16 -«- 20x1500x4000 325 70
-«- AMG5 -«- 35x1500x4000 570 70
-«- D16 -«- 55x1500x4000 230 70


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