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Lead — heavy fusible metal is familiar to mankind since time immemorial. Surface oxide film gives it a remarkable resistance to corrosion. Unlike other non-ferrous metals it is very inexpensive and has excellent plasticity. Excellent electrical and antifriction quality chemical inertness, namagnichennosti, tightness for radioactive radiation — have allowed it to take its rightful place among structural materials in modern industry. The availability and reasonable price make it relevant in many industries. It is important that after disposal it can be used again.


Lead, a toxic metal. With prolonged contact it may cause skin lesions and mucous membranes, and internal organs, vascular spasm, spastic constipation, kidney damage. Especially the toxic fumes of the molten metal.

Physical quality Pb
Atomic (molar) mass, g/mol MYR 207.2
Atomic number 82
Density [g/cm3] 11,34
The melting temperature t°C Of 327.5°C
The degree of oxidation 4, 2, 0
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 35,3
Molar volume cm3/mol 18,3


Deposits of lead are found everywhere. Mining and smelting of metal from ores not associated with technical difficulties. To improve the structural qualities he Legorreta: tin, copper, Nickel, antimony and other elements. Copper in the casting reduces the segregation to a minimum, improves durability in sulfuric acid solution. Arsenic increases the heat resistance of this low-melting metal, cadmium — corrosion resistance and tin — friction qualities. Magnesium, Nickel, sodium, strengthen the crystal lattice, give the alloy the wear resistance and durability.


Lead alloys are divided into: protective pigment, printing, rechargeable, military-technical and General purpose.

· Pigment: production of paints, glazes.

· Protective: waterproofing cables, manufacture of containers for chemical or radioactive substances, screens to absorb sound, vibration, penetrating radiation of nuclear facilities and medical x-rays.

· Printing: the production of the font and printing plates.

· Battery: manufacture of acid-alkaline batteries.

· Military-technical: casting of shot, bullets, buckshot.

· General purpose: the production of crystal, mirrors, solder, babbit, counterweight for balancing of wheels, weights, fishing sinkers.


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