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Wire PANCH-11 is a cross section of 1,14 — 1,26 mm. necessary for the restoration of worn holes, broken edges, the elimination of cracks. In its composition contains special additives reinforcing seam and prevent oxidation of the weld pool. In the process of navarivanija no additional stresses. The metal after welding is subjected to instrumental treatment. Comes in unannealed (solid) state.


Repair and restoration of cast iron parts. For low-temperature welding use a thin wire PANCH-11 Nickel-based. Possible semi-automatic welding without protection of the weld pool flux or gas. The welding is performed with low heat input, so the cooling parts are required breaks. Such a wire, you can make a crack in any remote place. After welding, the weld metal is processed, there is no warping and internal stresses. Special additives in the composition makes it possible to dispense with a protective gas. When welding cast iron it quickly goes from a solid to a liquid state and gives after cooling cracks. To improve the quality of welding weld studs are inserted into special.


PUNCH-11 improves weld quality, capacity of bearing fragments after restoration. Significantly speeds up the welding process. Shrinking the volume of preparatory work. Reduced consumption of welding material, increases the life of the reconstructed details. 2 kilograms of wire PANCH-11 restore 40−50 thin parts.


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