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Copel is an alloy based on nickel (up to 44%) and copper. The composition contains 0.5% Mn and up to 3% Fe. The remainder is copper. This alloy is resistant to corrosion. In its qualities, it is similar to a constantan, which is also an alloy of nickel and copper. Kopel differs heat resistance to a temperature of 600 ° C. Copel wire is produced in various diameters according to GOST 3044−84 .

Basic qualities

  • The density is 8.9 g / cm 3 ;
  • Electrical resistance = 0.5 ohmhmm 2 / m;
  • Linear expansion coefficient 14 x 10 -6 1 / ° C;
  • Melting point + 1290 ° C;
  • T ° hot treatment is + 1150 ° C;
  • T ° annealing 800 ° -850 ° C;

Copel paired with chromel, copper and iron has the maximum value of thermo-emf, with a low coefficient of electrical resistance. With increasing temperature, the electromotive potential of the alloy increases. At 100 ° C it reaches 6.95 V, and at 600 ° C it increases to 49 V.


In pyrometry, the wire of cops is most often used, and the tape is much smaller. For positive electrodes, chromel, iron and copper are used, and for negative electrodes, kopel, constantan and alumel are used. When measuring a small temperature, it is recommended to use thermocouples, in which the maximum value of thermo-emf. The greatest value of thermo-emf in a copel with chromel (at t ° up to 800 ° C). In copper-copper pair, the thermo-emf value is smaller, and its lowest value in a copel with iron. Kopel is also widely used in the manufacture of compensating wires.


The alloy, as a rule, is produced under the marking MNMts 43−0.5. The wire is produced with a diameter of 0.1mm — 12mm, and the wire with the smallest diameter is relatively more expensive. The tape is available in widths of 3 — 600 mm and thicknesses up to 0.1 mm, and a circle — with a cross section of 12 — 100 mm. More detailed acquaintance with the products, clarify its basic qualities, you can place an order with the help of the site of the company VinnitsaMetallocenter LLC, which presents a huge range of wire cops.

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