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Due to the high performance, stainless steel sheet is widely used by engineering, thermal power, where the production process involves high temperatures I. aggressive environments. Corrosion resistance and biological inertness are important in medicine, manufacturing, chemical and food tanks, for interior decoration, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture. Thanks to such materials of new generation have the opportunity to improve technological processes of production and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment. Stainless steel sheet has high workability, attractive appearance. It is easy to install and use, does not require protective coatings has a high wear resistance.


Manufacturing of thin sheet normalized GOST 5582−75 and 19904−74; thick — GOST 19903−74, 19904−74, 7350−77. The hot-rolled sheet thickness 2 — 50 mm, and cold rolled sheet of 0.4 — 5 mm Stainless steel sheet can be: polished (mirror), etched (decorative), blue, matte, etc.

Precision of rolling:

· B — normal;

· A — high.


· Very high;

· PV — high;

· MON — normal.

The degree of traction:

· N — normal;

· G — deep.

Stainless steel hot rolled sheet has three degrees of surface quality and cold-rolled to four degrees of quality. The most popular type of sheet is perforated and corrugated sheet. They deliver up to 4 mm thick are usually in the leaves.

n (IIIc) 2B 2 B Heat-treated, cold rolled, pickled Frosted mirror
c2 (IIa) 1 1 D Heat-treated, hot-rolled, pickled
M (IIId) BA 2 R Roasting in a vertical furnace, cold rolled, processing with solution of ammonia Mirror


Thanks to the capacity to withstand a long time of high-temperature modes of operation to 1050 °C without losing the basic operating characteristics, the stainless steel sheet is widely used in the manufacture of welded structures not subject to impact loads, for metallurgy, nuclear power engineering, petrochemistry, heat exchanger and furnace equipment, parts and burners operating in aggressive environments. Corrosion resistance and biological inertness of stainless steel sheet is important in medicine, manufacturing, chemical and food tanks, for interior decoration, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.

Percentage composition GOST 5632−72.

Alloy C Ti Cu Ni Cr Mn P S Si Fe
12X18H9T ≤0,12 ≤0,8 ≤0.3 mm 8−9,5 17−19 ≤0,2 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 ≤0,8 basis
Alloy C Ti Cu Ni Cr Mn P S Si Fe
20Х23Н13 ≤0,2 ≤0,2 ≤0.3 mm 12−15 20−25 ≤0,2 ≤0,035 ≤0,025 ≤1 basis

Sheet 20H23N18 has heat resistance, corrosion resistance. Consumers are attracted, first and foremost, excellent weldability, which has no restrictions.

The percentage composition of the alloy according to the 10X17H13M2T GOST 5632−72.

Mo C Si Cr Ni Ti Mn P S Fe
2−3 ≤0,1 ≤0,8 16−18 12−14 ≤0,7 ≤2 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 basis

Sheet brand 10X17H13M2T, serves as the material to produce components that reliably operate at high temperatures in aggressive environments.


The price of stainless steel sheet depends on the parameters of products, of alloy grades and additional conditions of delivery. Stainless sheet from the «_" is an optimal ratio of price and quality that will allow any buyer to choose the product which most fully satisfies its needs. High technological discipline of production and full product compliance with the requirements of the state normative documents and technical conditions for the supply — main principle of our company in work with clients. And reasonable prices and convenient delivery method is the additional benefit of working with us.