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The generic name Inconel unites a whole community of nickel-base alloys, which are distinguished by considerable resistance to corrosive-type fractures and heat resistance. Due to such high useful qualities, such material is currently actively used and effectively operates on the most complex and responsible industrial sites. An additional advantage for such raw materials is its resistance to high temperatures in a fairly wide range of their values.


Against the background of the ability to withstand a significant increase in temperature during operation, the unique 600 grade Inconel alloy differs from its closest counterparts with a large electrical resistivity due to the high nickel content. It should be noted that hardening or hardening of such material is usually not carried out. The high heat resistance of alloys of this class makes it possible to use them as an auxiliary for heat treatment of various products from other materials. So Inconel 600 can serve as a solid lining for various furnace equipment or baskets and trays exposed to the influence of high temperature indices during operation. As a rule, all the useful qualities of such a material directly depend on its chemical composition.


Percentage of Inconel 600

Alloy C Cu Fe Ni Cr Mn P S Si Contaminants
Inconel 600 ≤0.15 ≤0.5 6−10 72 14−17 ≤1 ≤0,025 ≤0.015 ≤0.5 ≤0.015

It should be noted that the process of mechanical processing of this raw material is quite complex and laborious. This fact is explained by the propensity of the material to harden. To prevent this phenomenon, low-speed machining modes and special cutting tools equipped with carbide-tipped plates are used in processing the alloy.

Application of

A wide range of products from the Inconel 600 type alloy is represented by a rather large number of different names. Here are presented as circles, sheet products, or wire, and a huge variety of pipe semi-finished products, plates, flanges and various fittings. Due to the special qualities of the nickel-containing alloy, almost all products made from such raw materials can reliably and efficiently work in the most difficult industrial conditions. The main consumers of semi-finished products of this type are the oil refining complex, the chemical industry and the production of aviation equipment. Various equipment and instruments, as well as parts of turbine equipment made of unusual metallic raw materials, are characterized by a long period of reliable unattended service. Also, this material has found its application in the field of development of various special-purpose equipment intended for operation in specific climatic or industrial conditions.


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