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Doping of nickel alloys with various additional chemical elements possessing high properties of both physical and mechanical type has long been practiced as a basis for creating new grades of materials with the highest operating parameters. For example, an admixture of a certain amount of molybdenum can greatly increase the initial parameters of heat resistance and strength of raw materials. One of the striking examples of such alloying is the al6xn alloy. Useful qualities of this material fully reflect the effective interaction of the nickel base and molybdenum.


The alloy of this brand differs from other analogues with a high index of impact strength, which allows products from it to actively resist shock loads during operation. Due to the formation of a strong protective film on the surface of the semi-finished products (due to the high nickel content), upon contact with atmospheric air, the al6xn alloy is able to resist corrosion very well and to ensure reliable operation of the equipment in the harshest industrial conditions. The greatest resistance to such an alloy manifests itself in relation to seawater and to the corrosion of the slot type.

Percent composition
carbon manganese phosphorus sulfur silicon chromium nickel molybdenum copper iron nitrogen
To 0.03 Up to 2.0 To 0.04 To 0.03 Up to 1.0 20−22 23.5−25.5 6−7 To 0.75 the basis 0.18−0.25

The alloy is characterized by considerable plasticity, due to which it is easy enough to be processed. It is represented on the market by a large number of various semi-finished products.

Application of

Taking into account the main qualities of the material of the brand al6xn, it is used in the most difficult working conditions. The oil refining industry, chemical tanks and equipment, heat exchangers, pipeline systems for transportation of gas mixtures and special-purpose technology are just a few examples where a unique composition is required. Today, pipes of various sections, sheets, wire, circles, strips, profile products (flanges, fittings) are on sale. As a rule, products made from this material are quite diverse both in terms of geometric dimensions and the type of profile section. LLC «_" also considers options for manufacturing products according to individual drawings and sketches.

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Quality manufacturing with constant monitoring of compliance with the requirements of technological discipline, absolute conformity of semifinished products of al6xn brand to all items of normative documentation, acceptable cost of products determines the great popularity of such material for modern production needs. Our company represents the whole assortment of such products and provides constant attention to the needs of each customer, regardless of the volume of the order.