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Steel grade ХН56ВМТЮ is an alloy with 52 or 64 percent nickel content and 19−22% chromium content. It is characterized by high values of heat resistance. This alloy contains four percent of iron and a whole list of additional alloying components, such as titanium, tungsten, boron, manganese, molybdenum and others, which significantly increase the initial performance characteristics of such an alloy.

Technological features

The material of this type is not only resistant to high temperatures in the working area, but also effectively resists corrosion damage when exposed to aggressive industrial environments. Therefore, the alloy of such a mark can be used in the manufacture of equipment used in fairly tough production conditions. It should be noted that this alloy belongs to the category of materials that are difficult to weld. Therefore, if it is necessary to manufacture welded structures, the contacting surfaces of the structural elements require preheating from 200−300 degrees and subsequent processing of the weld zone. As a mandatory procedure after completion of the welding process, high-temperature annealing is used, which helps to remove residual stresses. As a rule, a manual arc welding method is used, using electrodes of the type KTI-762. Obtaining quality forged products from this type of material requires accurate compliance with temperature conditions: about 1170 degrees at the beginning and 850 degrees at the end of the treatment. After the end of forging, the finished semi-finished product should cool off in the open air.

Application of

Due to the property for a long time to withstand high-temperature operation modes up to 650 ° C without loss of basic performance, pipe semifinished products, the circle ХН56ВМТЮ and other similar products have found quite a wide range of applications today. Most often this type of semi-finished products is used in the manufacture of discs or rotors. Such an alloy is in demand in the production of various fastening elements, flat-type springs, parts of oil refining equipment, gas or water supply systems to residential and office premises. When choosing materials for solving specific production tasks, it is very important to correctly calculate the permissible temperature operating conditions of the product. After exposure to an alloy of ХН56ВМТЮ temperature more than eight hundred and fifty degrees on the surface of the product, scale begins to form actively.

Tubular products

The pipe ХН56ВМТЮ has perfectly proved itself at designing, both pipelines household, and industrial appointment. Variants of delivery of products of this type are quite diverse. According to the accuracy of production, tubular products can be produced with normal or increased accuracy; in the type of surface, both galvanized semi-finished products and pipes without additional protective finishes are on sale. Also this kind of semi-finished products can be produced with the presence of threaded elements of various types or without them. Basically, the length of the tubular products corresponds to the standard size series and can vary from four to twelve meters (measured length). Within the dimensional length, semi-finished products with lengths of multiple dimensional values are allowed. On the section profile the pipe can be quite diverse, depending on the final destination of the semi-finished product, you can choose a product of round, square, oval or other shape.

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A successful combination of the price and quality of products from chromium-nickel alloys, has caused a high demand for semi-finished products of brand ХН56ВМТЮ. A wide range of products and a convenient way of ordering make the purchase from us as comfortable as possible. Full compliance of all products with the requirements of regulatory documentation for it and the availability of quality certificates for each type of product guarantees a long-term reliable operation of the ordered materials. The invariably high quality of semi-finished products determines the constant trust of our customers.