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In terms of composition and main operating parameters, the nickel alloy mp159 is an analog of the mp 35n alloy with slight differences in the application and use of this unique raw material. The main advantages are due to the presence in the composition of the nickel fraction — cobalt, chromium and molybdenum. Additives of iron, aluminum and zirconium correct and optimize the initial properties of the material.


Among the useful qualities of the mp159 material, the first place is occupied by high corrosion resistance in relation to a number of aggressive media. Particularly well, the alloy resists slit corrosion and the negative effect of the hydrogen-containing medium. The alloy mp159 is sufficiently resistant to loads that cause fatigue of the material, with prolonged use. This type of alloy is characterized by high strength characteristics against a background of good plasticity. All of the above qualities of the material are determined by its chemical composition and the successful balance between the quantitative ratio of all components.

Percent composition
chromium nickel molybdenum cobalt titanium aluminum iron zirconium
At least 19 Not less than 25,2 At least 7 Not less than 35,7 3 0.2 9 0.6

Application of

The wide range and variety of products from the alloy of the brand mp159 makes it possible to find the most acceptable option for the practical solution of the production problem. Good heat resistance against the background of the above advantages makes it possible to use this type of raw material for the manufacture of equipment designed to work in areas with particularly severe industrial conditions at t ° 590 — 650 ° C. Due to high performance and reliable performance of semi-finished products made from a unique nickel alloy, they can be used in virtually any industrial sector.


In a wide sale there are pipes of various designs, sheets, profile products (flanges, fittings), as well as wires, circles and strips. There is the possibility of manufacturing the structural elements of equipment on an individual order. The requirements for manufacturing and supplying products from the mp159 alloy are standardized by state standards, which guarantees high quality of products.

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High-quality manufacturing with constant control of compliance with the requirements of technological discipline, absolute conformity of semiproducts of brand mp159 to all items of regulatory documentation, acceptable cost of products determines the great popularity of such material for modern production needs. Our company represents the whole assortment of such products and provides constant attention to the needs of each customer, regardless of the volume of the order.