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Steel with the marking ХН68ВМТЮК-dv, in some obsolete sources occurs under the name EP693-dv. This material is one of the typical representatives of a number of chromium-nickel alloys with all their main advantages and disadvantages. The main operating characteristics of this alloy are fully determined by its chemical composition, and the duration of operation will depend not only on the geometry of the semi-finished product, but also on the specific operating conditions of each component (level and load patterns).


A high nickel content (of the order of 68%) determines a significant resistance to the negative effect of corrosion processes under the action of liquid or gaseous aggressors. Upon contact of a metal semi-finished product of grade ХН68ВМТЮК- с with atmospheric air, a dense and strong oxide-type film forms on the surface, which protects the material from further destruction. Chromium strengthens the strength of the alloy ХН68ВМТЮК-х, and the presence of alloying components, such as tungsten, titanium, aluminum, copper and others, increases the resistance of the material to high temperatures and ensures the stability of its operating parameters. To improve the initial useful properties of semi-finished products are subjected to heat treatment — quenching (at temperatures up to 1200 degrees Celsius). The easy weldability of the alloy makes it possible to use it to create strong and reliable welded structures without any preliminary preparation, by manual arc welding using the OZL-25 or OZL-35 electrodes. Forging requires precise compliance with processing parameters and temperature conditions from 1150 ° C at the beginning to 850 ° C by the end of the procedure.


A huge assortment of standard sizes of semi-finished products of brand KhN68VMTYUK-dv is produced, such as pipes, sheets, bars, wires, strips, profile products, etc. All of them have found wide application in various sections of the modern industrial complex. Such materials are indispensable in the manufacture of structural elements of slit furnace equipment for the processing of ceramic products. From this chromium-nickel alloy, furnace screens for conveyors, parts of burners and gas turbine units, protective capsules for thermocouples and many other important industrial equipment are used, which are used when working in harsh industrial conditions. The temperature of the working area for the products of alloy ХН68ВМТЮК-сm can reach up to 1300 degrees, without affecting the performance of the part and without provoking its destruction, even during prolonged significant loads. Such steel has gained immense popularity in the field of nuclear power engineering, for the production of reactor parts. In addition to considerable heat resistance, this material has an attractive aesthetic appearance, and does not need a surface protective coating, even with prolonged use.

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Acceptable cost of semi-finished products of brand ХН68ВМТЮК-сm and a wide range of products against a background of a wide variety of product parameters will allow any buyer to choose the product that will most fully satisfy all his individual needs. High quality of manufacturing and full conformity of production to requirements of the state standard documentation and technical conditions for delivery — that basic criterion which our company adheres in work with clients. Precision manufacturing ensures reliability and full compliance with product performance requirements, and reasonable prices and convenient delivery method is an additional advantage in the work of OOO _.