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Precision alloys are alloyed with a large number of chemical elements with exact observance of the necessary proportions. Exceptional advantages of constructional raw materials from precision alloys enjoy constant popularity in all branches of modern industry. After all, the high quality of manufacturing and processing of precision materials makes it possible to obtain reliable and durable products with specified parameters for operation in this or that sphere of production.


The 36НХТЮ alloy belongs to the subspecies of a special steel of dispersive-hardening type. The triple base of a similar material containing a ferruginous, chromium and nickel fraction predetermined high anticorrosive properties. Additional doping with a number of chemical elements with unique qualities such as aluminum, titanium, manganese, silicon and some others has significantly increased the initial operating parameters of the raw materials.

Percentage of GOST 10994−74 .

Alloy C Al Fe Ni Cr Mn P S Si Ti
36NXTU ≤0,05 0.9−1.2 43.6−48.8 35−37 11.5−13 0.8−1.2 ≤0,02 ≤0,02 0.3−0.7 2.7−3.2


The high elasticity index and the considerable temporary resistance of the material make it possible to use it for manufacturing various elastic elements of high sensitivity. High levels of corrosion resistance have led to the use of parts from similar raw materials in highly aggressive industrial environments. So pipes 36НХТЮ are used in the most critical sectors of the oil and energy complex of modern industry. Excellent resistance to high temperatures in the working area allows the use of similar products in different climatic conditions, and the resistance to the destructive effect of corrosion caused the use of semi-finished products 36HXTU in various gas environments. In addition, this alloy perfectly resists high loads during operation, without losing its performance characteristics and maintaining the stability of its shape.


The 36NXTU alloy is actively used for the manufacture of gas turbines that experience not only aggressive environmental influences during operation, but also high loads against the background of high temperature conditions. Dense oxide film on the surface of the alloy due to the high content of nickel and chromium reliably protects the parts from damage. Also, this raw material and pipe products from it are in demand in heat installations or power equipment. The scope of the alloy is very diverse: from the production of parts and structural elements of jet engines to boilers of nuclear complexes. As you know, demand generates supply, so the popularity of products of this type determines the constant growth and improvement of its production.


Our site offers a wide range of products from precision materials. The high quality of the products and the absence of intermediaries determine the most favorable conditions for the acquisition of such material as the alloy 36NXTU for solving any problems of modern industry. Delivery in a short time in almost any region of the country and compliance products regulatory documents have long won the love and trust of regular customers. Due to the relatively low cost and wide size and model range of semi-finished products of the brand 36NXTU, they enjoy the constant demand in all spheres of production.