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General characteristics

W-23 belongs to the alloy type Ti-Al-V-Mo-Cr-Fe. It is medium-alloyed α+β-alloy martensitic class, which after quenching from the β-format goes into α-martensite form. This alloy differs from other high technological plasticity. This allows in the manufacturing process use part rolling, rolling, drawing, forging, stamping, flanging and other operations associated with processing pressure.

Welding and heat treatment

This alloy has great weldability. Strength of welded joints is much higher than that of alloys W-14 and W-16. It should be noted that the welds are able to maintain satisfactory ductility at high strength. BT23] can be used in the annealed, thermally hardened state. For industrial processing it is recommended that annealing in the temperature range of 750−800°C with subsequent air cooling. As a result, the alloy reaches its maximum plasticity at minimum strength. In the annealed condition this alloy is only 30% β-phase. Hardening of the alloy by quenching begins with the threshold temperatures 780−800°C and goes to aging at a temperature 450−550°With exposure time of 6−10 hours. This provides a tensile strength of about 1500 MPa. This alloy is able to harden when cooled in water and air.


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