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Foundry alloy of titanium ТЛ5 was developed by Association «Prometheus» for the Navy of the Soviet Union. This alloy belongs to the category of corrosion resistant alloys. High quality allow it to be used in contact with sea water and an oxidizing atmosphere. The alloy produced in accordance with OST 5P.9071−88. Titan foundry alloy ТЛ5 plate has a stricture low ductility and low resistance to fatigue and significant fracture toughness.

The percentage impurities of the brand ТЛ5

Al C Si Fe Mo Zr N O H W Cr
5,3−7,5 ≤0,15 0,15−0,4 0,2−0,7 2−3 ≤0,5 ≤0,05 ≤0,18 ≤0,015 ≤0,2 0,8−2,3

High specific strength ТЛ5 allows to reduce weight of the structures compared with steel at 30%, it reduces the load on the moving parts, thereby extending the operation of the equipment. ТЛ5 resistant against crevice, intergranular corrosion, the action of sea, chlorinated water.

Technological properties Strength Application
Excellent castability, good weldability. ТЛ5 more durable than ТЛ3, but less plastic Welded construction, heavily loaded parts of turbine generators, ship propellers.

heat treatment

Heat treatment. forms bilastine structure, when the broad α-plates begin to proslavilsya transformed β-phase. Annealing at a temperature of α+β-transformation (about 1050°C) leads to the expansion of the beta-layer, and cooling at a rate of 1°C/min leads to formirovaniy fine α plates in a β-phase, the Thickness of transformed β-layer with increase in cooling rate increased. In the final stage of processing, all samples were subjected to aging for 24 hours at a temperature of 500 °C. by increasing the cooling rate increases, the yield strength, increasing the resistance a lot — and low-cycle fatigue.


Titanium alloy ТЛ5 relevant for the production of ship screws, welded construction of offshore shipbuilding, heavily loaded parts of turbine generators.


To eliminate hidden marriage castings are hot isostatic pressing, which brings its structure to the structure of wrought iron. Is mandatory exterior inspection, check the chemical composition and mechanical qualities of castings. If necessary, conducted  — scopy, x-ray, ULTRASONIC flaw detection, fluorescent control, and testing under pneumatic or Hydrogenium.

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