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The metal is made from the blanks of black or colored metal, which on special machines hot rolled or cold way. Used material can serve as alloy structural steel, superalloys, titanium, molybdenum, bronze, copper, etc. Distinguish varietal, sheet metal, pipe, structural shapes and other types. Any metal can be purchased today at the most affordable price. It greatly facilitates any construction, design or decorative work and is considered the most practical to use, thanks to its numerous advantages.


Bars may have a square, round, hexagonal cross section. Shapes has a more complex cross-section: T-shaped, H-shaped, etc. Sheet metal is sheets of various parameters to be supplied in sheets or rolls. The corrugated sheet is indispensable to cover the metal frames. Tubular metal products includes pipes of any sizes and cross-sections: square, round, rectangular. Pipe rolling is divided into welded and seamless. Today became popular the so-called decorative metal — cast pieces, which are used for decoration. Wide distribution they received in the production of design elements. Rentals can be divided into small, medium and large Type surface treatment: polished, mirror, matte. This diversity facilitates the selection of optimal variants of products.


Assorted metal is used for mounting fasteners, fencing, reinforcement, Sheet metal is the covering of ships, aircraft — any fixed or mobile structures. High-temperature rolling for the production of heating equipment: screens, parts, burners, turbine blades, parts of combustion chambers of steam boilers. Tubular semi-finished products have found application in the manufacture of welded structures not subject to impact loads for metallurgy, nuclear power engineering, petrochemistry, heat-exchange and furnace equipment.

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Quality manufacturer with constant control of observance of requirements of technological discipline, absolute conformity of manufactured metal products all the items of the normative documentation, acceptable cost products determines the popularity of such products for the needs of modern production. Our company represents the entire product range of rolled products from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and provides constant attention to the needs of each customer, regardless of order volume.