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Cunial is an alloy based on copper, alloyed with up to 15% Ni and aluminium up to 3%. Due to the high strength, can be used as a structural alloy. Different corrosion resistance in seawater. Estimated percentage of marks kunala reflected in numerical-alphabetical designation. Cunial, AND (MNA 13−3). Contains about 13% Nickel (and in practice — 12−15%) and 3% aluminum. Cunial B (MNA 6−1,5) doped to 6.5% Nickel and up to 2.5% aluminum.

Percentage composition

Alloy GOST Analogue Ni+Co Mn Fe C Pb Zn S Cu
Cunial And MNA13−3 --- 12−15,5 ≤0,5 ≤1 -- ≤0,002 --- -- basis
Alloy GOST Analogue Ni+Co Mn Fe C Pb Zn S Cu
Cunial B MNA6−1,5−20 --- 5.5 to 6.5 ≤0,2 ≤0,5 -- ≤0,002 --- -- basis

the basic qualities

Chemical properties of kunala similar to Melchior. The alloy is able to strengthen its positions by heat treatment. Use quenching in water at t° ≤ 1000 °C and ageing at t° ≤ 600 °C. the Alloy is characterized by sufficient plasticity and workability. Cunial Used under normal conditions has a rupture strength of 638 MPa in the aged condition. At cryogenic temperatures rupture strength is not only reduced, but even increased to 700 MPa at минус180°C


Cunial rolled in the form of bars and strips of various sizes. This alloy in addition to the basic elements contains silicon, lead, carbon, antimony, arsenic, etc. Copper and Nickel have similar size and similar atoms of a crystal lattice. In the alloy, they form a solid solution. Nickel adds ductility and corrosion resistance, but simultaneously reduces the electrical conductivity. Such an alloy is advantageous in structures with a high electric resistance.


The production of parts and instruments with high corrosion resistance and strength. In instrumentation and shipbuilding it is used in the manufacture of springs and elastic elements. Because of the strength at low temperatures, it is used in cryogenic equipment. Cunial And more relevant as a structural alloy. Cunial B is more often used in electrical engineering.


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