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The molten solder, solidify, connects metal parts. This fusible metal or alloy, which facilitates the mounting of radio and electric equipment and structures, are not subject to significant loads. The melting point of the solder to be lower than those mounted fragments. Cooling down, it gives a strong connection. The most popular solders brand POS. The composition is reflected in the marking. POS means tin-lead solder, and the numbers after abbreviations reflect the percentage of tin in the alloy. For example, POS-61 has a 61% tin.


Solders brand POS facilitate connection of the conductors, metal sheath of the cable with aluminum, lead and brass couplings, soldering the ends of the lugs, grounding the metal shells of the cable screens according to the requirements of GOST 1499−70. Alloy POS30 relevant when soldering copper alloy, brass, iron, zinc sheets and galvanized sheet, electronic components, binding wire electric motors. PIC 40 required for soldering of iron, brass, copper wires. PIC 61 is important for soldering the thinnest wires. High tin content makes the solder more fusible. It is necessary for termination lugs, soldering the cable conductors, the junction between the metal shells of the cable with aluminum, lead, brass couplings; ground shells and screens.


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