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Hastelloy b2 is made on the basis of nickel and molybdenum with additives of iron, cobalt and chromium. These features of the chemical composition explain not only the excellent resistance of the material to corrosion, but also the high resistance to deformation at elevated temperatures. Such raw materials are considered the foundation for the development of modern industrial industries with harsh equipment operating conditions.


Among the main advantages of the alloy Hastelloy b2 — high resistance to corrosion of any type. A strong oxide film, which due to nickel is formed on the surface of the semi-finished product when it comes into contact with atmospheric air, is able to reliably protect the product from destruction even under the influence of an aggressive chemical environment. Molybdenum, cobalt and chromium further strengthen the chemical resistance and extend the range of permissible operating temperatures.


Percent composition

Composition C Mo Fe Ni Cr Mn Si Co Contaminants
Hastelloy b2 ≤0.01 28 ≤2 the basis ≤1 ≤1 ≤0,1 ≤1 ≤0.01

Products from this alloy is very diverse and is represented by a large number of items. This sheet, strip, wire, circle, forging, flanges, fittings, pipes. All pipes made by a welded method are necessarily checked for internal defects by non-destructive testing methods. A wide range of semi-finished products makes it possible to easily implement the most complex technological projects. Different delivery methods and a wide range of geometric sizes, as well as the ability to order products according to individual drawings will ensure the solution of the problem of any complexity in the conditions of modern production.

Application of

The entire range of products is used in the most complex areas of the production complex. Due to its high resistance to breakage, even against significant loads, Hastelloy b2 is actively used in the chemical industry, paper and cellulose production plants, and in industrial purification plants. The high reliability of equipment made from a unique nickel alloy and its ability to provide a long-term maintenance-free operation, even when working in difficult production conditions against a reasonable cost, determines the constant growth of popularity and production of this material.

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High demand for products from the alloy brand Hastelloy b2 is due to the optimal combination of price and quality. A wide range of products and a convenient way of ordering make the purchase from us as comfortable as possible. Full compliance of all products with the requirements of regulatory documentation for it and the availability of quality certificates for each type of product guarantees a long-term reliable operation of the ordered materials. The invariably high quality of semi-finished products determines the constant trust of our customers.