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Carbide-titanium electrodes serve for the production of modern arc lamps. Carbide-titanium is the basis of the technology of electrolysis of the mercury cathode. Carbide-titanium catalyzes sodium amalgams during decomposition. Electrodes based on TiC are used in the electro-oxygen cutting of steels under water, while the specific consumption of electrodes decreases by an order compared to conventional ones. TiC is actual as a filler of diamond tools for processing semiconductors, aluminum, glass, stone, steels, cast iron, metals and non-ferrous alloys. Based on it, crucibles, boats for evaporating aluminum are produced; Protective screens of electric furnaces; Metal-ceramic thermocouple covers;


TiC-electrodes give a slight excitation of the arc, stable combustion and the cut is of high quality. If carbide-titanium is present in the graphite composition, the electrolysis of aqueous solutions is optimized. If the carbide-titanium content in the electrode is up to 30%, the overvoltage is reduced, the current density will reach 10.4 A / cm 2. At a higher percentage — over 30%, further reduction in overvoltage is not observed. When aluminum coatings are applied to plastics, the use of carbide-titanium as a heating element is not advisable because of the cutting of refractory tubular electrodes. In TiC-crucibles, tin, silver and copper are used for the vacuum evaporation of metals. Alloys of titanium carbide with titanium nitride and chromium are used in electric furnaces for coating the graphite electrode.


The composition of TiC-electrodes includes: Fe — up to 0,6%, C st. — up to 0,2%; Ti — 79.2 — 80% and C total. — up to 20.2%. Titanium carbide is manufactured in the following grades: F600, F360, F320, F400, F500, F800, F1200, F1000.

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