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High-temperature resistant high-alloy steel grade ХН30МДБ refers to a variety of iron-chromium-nickel alloys, as these chemical elements form the basis of raw materials. The quantitative content of chromium in the material can vary from twenty-seven to twenty-nine percent, and the quantity of nickel varies from twenty-nine to thirty-one percent. Along with the main components, the alloy KhN30MDB contains a number of alloying substances from niobium, silicon and manganese, to phosphorus, sulfur and copper.


The main working parameters of the material, directly depend on its quantitative and qualitative composition. The high content in the nickel material explains the excellent resistance of the alloy to corrosion damage. Nickel promotes the formation of a strong protective film of oxide type on the surface of the semi-finished product, which protects the product from destruction. Chromium further strengthens the initial qualities of the material, and additional alloying ensures the stability of the raw material performance and increases its heat resistance.

Tubular products

The most popular type of products from this alloy is the KhN30MDB pipe. Due to the wide size range (the length of the product is mainly represented in the size range from one to six meters) and the wide variety of geometric dimensions of the section (the diameter and the thickness of the product wall), the scope of such semi-finished products is very diverse. By the type of profile of the pipe of this brand can be made as a round section, so a square, oval, etc. profile shape. When forging semi-finished products, the temperature decreases from 1170 degrees at the beginning of the process to 850 ° C towards the end. After the final manufacture, all pipes with a diameter of more than three hundred and fifty millimeters are cooled in the air.

Application of

To date, pipe products are represented by six classes, each of which has a regulated chemical composition and a separate field of application. The higher the index of the class index, the more stringent requirements are imposed on semi-finished products for the main operating parameters (heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance). If the first classes are used for the production of scaffolding, irrigation systems and the formation of pipelines for water supply, the fifth and sixth classes of products can be used in the field of drilling, geological exploration, gas and oil production, as well as the manufacture of critical parts for the machine-building industry.

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