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Steel grade ХН45Ю refers to chromium-nickel alloys, the main advantage of which is resistance in aggressive gas environments at high temperatures. The main operating characteristics of this alloy are fully determined by its chemical composition, and the duration of operation depends on the operating conditions of the particular part (level and load patterns). The alloying of this chromium-nickel steel with aluminum, manganese and silicon increases resistance to contact with an aggressive medium. When heated, these substances form oxide protective films on the surface. The HN45Yu pipe is used in thermal installations, including for the removal of combustion products of industrial furnaces, boilers and fireplaces. High heat resistance is directly dependent on the structure of matter and strong bonds in the alloy between atoms. The metal has an attractive appearance, does not require additional protective coating or painting.

The percentage composition of XH45YU, GOST 5632- — - 72.
Al Ni Cr Mn Fe Si Si P Wa S Ce
2.9−3.9 44−46 14−16 ≤1 31−38 ≤1 ≤015 ≤0,02 ≤0,1 ≤0.012 ≤0,03  

Application of

The circle and wire of the brand ХН45Ю is used in the production of conveyor kiln grids, slat furnace rolls for high-speed ceramic firing. The pipe is in the details of the burners, the production of thermocouple covers. It is advantageous in that it provides reliable protection in an aggressive environment and protects thermocouple electrodes from contamination when working in hazardous conditions. The pipe ХН45Ю is designed for continuous operation at t ° up to 1250−1300 ° C, it has a high resistance to thermal changes. It is used for steam and gas turbines, in nuclear power plants, for jet engines and ICE as a structural material.


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