Inconel 617, Alloy 617

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Nickel alloys doped with additional elements show unique advantages when working in harsh industrial conditions. Semi-finished products from Inconel with a high content of pure nickel in composition (not less than forty-four and a half percent) with additives of chromium, molybdenum and cobalt have not only high corrosion-resistant characteristics, but also the ability to resist high temperatures of the working zone. Such material is able to actively resist not only oxidation, but also carburization. Despite the increased cost of Inconel, its unique properties justify all the invested funds.


Inconel 617, in contrast to its closest analogues, has not only significant corrosion resistance, but also quite good weldability. Thanks to this useful feature, semi-finished products from this type of raw materials are actively used for manufacturing various welded structures of any complexity. The main performance indicators and performance characteristics of the claimed design material are due to its well-formed and perfectly balanced chemical composition.


Percentage of Inconel 617

Al C Cu Fe Ni Cr Mn and Si Mo S Cu and Ti Co
0.8−1.5 ≤0.15 ≤0.5 ≤3 More than 44.5 20−24 by 1 8−10 ≤0.015 0.5 10−15

In impurities, 0.006% of boron and 0.001% of phosphorus

Due to good machinability, this alloy can be manufactured both by hot stamping and using a similar cold-type procedure. When hot stamping, the process temperature value is 1205 degrees Celsius. The cold procedure is limited to a temperature value of 1035 degrees.

Application of

Inconel 617 is actively used in many industries, which are characterized by particularly difficult operating conditions of equipment. The construction of stationary gas turbines, the laying of gas pipelines, the design of combustion chambers and other similar devices can not do without unusual raw materials. Like aircraft construction, chemical industry, machine tool construction, and many other spheres of life of modern man has long appreciated the technological and reliable material of the new generation.


Prices for precision products depend primarily on the brand of material and product parameters. A wide variety of shapes and geometric characteristics of semifinished products made of Inconel 617 alloy will allow any buyer to choose the product that will most fully satisfy his requests. High quality of manufacturing and full conformity of production to requirements of the state standard documentation and technical conditions for delivery — the basic principle of our company in work with clients. A reasonable price and convenient way of delivery is an additional plus in working with us.