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Use double wrought brass with a high copper content. The alloying element is zinc (from 3% to 39.5%).Brass rolled strip cold method to continuous-rolling mills. High quality brass strip is characterized by a flat shiny surface on two sides, without foreign inclusions or cracks. Comes with segments or rolls. The tape can be attached to the raised elasticity, plasticity it can be:

· soft;

· semi-solid;

· solid;

· it is very hard.

The thickness of the brass strips is typically about 0.08−3mm, width 10−600mm, and the length is random. Usually brass tape is supplied in rolls.

brass tape
TU GOST Mark tape Cutting
48−21−357−90, 48−21−654−92, 48−21−334−90, 1845−106−066−99, 48−21−847−89, 48−21−160−83 2205, 2208, 1018, 8036, 5169. L85, Lmc58−2, LS59−1, L68, L90, L80, L63, Of 0.5−2.0x10−600хL

The tape can have special properties:

  • antimagnetic;
  • special resistance to bending;
  • particular accuracy in the camber;
  • with a normalized depth of extrusion.


Brass tape has a great technological properties, has high temperature resistance. High strength combined with good ductility In contrast to copper — brass cheaper and more durable. High conductivity, namagnichennosti, chemical resistance, allowed brass strip to take its rightful place in the modern industry. Aesthetic appearance, long service life, reliability, reasonable price — make it relevant in many industries. It is important that after recycling brass can be reused.


Brass tape if compared with steel alloys — lost in heat resistance and strength. She has low fatigue resistance, which reduces the reliability of structural components.


Design manufacture signs, nameplates, exclusive interior design. Without brass strips it is hard to imagine a modern industry — electrical engineering, shipbuilding, construction. This tape is used for the production of pipelines, plumbing components, compressors, separators, clocks, electric «stuffing» cars and automotive radiators. It is used for plating, manufacturing of capacitors, relays, separators, parts, moving parts, the resistors.


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