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Materials belonging to the class of precision raw materials have a number of unique parameters due to their precise chemical composition and processing principles. All alloys of this type can be divided into several types, which determine the main applications of semi-finished products. Thus, the material having the 32KKD marking is characterized by a strictly regulated coefficient of linear expansion. The sphere of application of such an alloy consists in the manufacture of high-precision measuring equipment, for which the constancy of dimensions is very important when the temperature regime is changed. Moreover, such instruments can be used in different climatic conditions without losing their basic working qualities. In a fairly wide temperature range (from minus sixty to plus one hundred degrees), the linear expansion of a material such as 32KND steel does not rise above one unit per degree.


Chemical composition as a percentage
manganese silicon carbon nickel cobalt phosphorus sulfur copper
Up to 0,4 Up to 0,2 Up to 0.05 31.5−33 3.2−4.2 Up to 0,015 Up to 0,015 0.6−0.8
physical characteristics
Name Units Symbol The numerical value
Elastic modulus MPa Ex10 -5 1.44
Measurement temperature ° C T 20
Electrical resistance (specific) Omxm Rx10 9 780
The index of linear temperature expansion (at t = 100 ° C) 1 / deg Ах10 6


(The samples are quenched at a temperature of eight hundred degrees, and then released at a temperature of three hundred and fifteen degrees. The cooling process can be carried out both in water and using special containers or furnaces.)

Mechanical properties (at 20 ° C)
Name of the characteristic The numerical value of the parameter for products according to GOST 14080−78
Short-term tensile strength, MPa (ss) 930
Heat treatment annealing

Magnetic characteristics

Coercive force (not more than), (A / m) Ns
Magnetic permeability (not more than), (MH / m) Umax
Specific losses (no more) at a frequency of 50 Hz and a magnetic induction of 1 T, (W / kg) P1,0 / 50
The magnetic induction T (at least), with a magnetic field strength of 100, in magnetic fields (A / m) B100

Weldability indexes

The alloy has limitations on weldability The welding process requires some preliminary preparation (warming the contacting surfaces to one hundred and one hundred and twenty degrees and subsequent heat treatment of the seam zone)
The alloy has no weld constraints Does not require additional training
Material difficult to weld It is necessary to warm the contacting surfaces to two hundred or three hundred degrees, the subsequent annealing and heat treatment after the end of the welding process

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Steel 32KKD is quite popular due to its relatively low cost and high working qualities. On our site there is a wide range of products from such precision raw materials that can satisfy any customer’s needs. The sizes of such semi-finished products are limited to standard series, however, at the request of the customer, it is possible to manufacture products with unique sizes.