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ХН35ВТЮ alloy, pipe, circle

The material with the marking ХН35ВТЮ belongs to the class of high-alloy alloys with high heat resistance characteristics. As a rule, semi-finished products of this material are used for work without significant loads in high-temperature zones. The temperature of the working area for products of this type can vary from nine hundred to one thousand degrees Celsius. It is also important to note that the alloy KhN35VTU differs in welding. Therefore, if it is necessary to make a welded structure out of it, the contacting surfaces are pre-prepared by heating to a hundred or one hundred and twenty degrees, and then the finished weld is heat treated to increase its performance.


Pipe, circle and other semi-finished products of steel of this type have a structure of austenitic-ferritic type. This property explains the high resistance to corrosion processes of the intercrystalline type of products from the alloy KhN35VTU and their high strength. The increase in strength parameters is due to a decrease in the nickel content in the material, the same fact explains the increase in the resistance of the raw material to the influence of sulfuric medium, a significant concentration. Excellent balance of strength, resistance to corrosion and resistance to high temperatures of similar material has made it very popular recently.


In addition to important technical parameters, one of the undoubted merits of the products from the alloy KhN35VTU is their attractive appearance and simplicity of repairs and maintenance. As a rule, these semi-finished products do not require the application of protective coatings on the surface, as they can perfectly resist various destructions by themselves. The manufacture of tubular products from the above-mentioned steel can be done in several ways, the most popular of which is cold broaching and electric welding. By the type of surface condition, the pipes can be supplied as a matt or polished type, and in a mirror or polished version. A wide variety of sizes and names, as an independent finished product, as well as semi-finished products for manufacturing other parts (for example, the circle ХН35ВТЮ is often used as a raw material for the production of various products) will allow to solve the production problem of any complexity.


A huge selection of semi-finished products from such stainless steel ensures the implementation of any customer’s wishes. In the event that a standard set of sizes does not suit the customer, the possibility of manufacturing the necessary products can be considered, according to the original sketches. Constantly high quality of production and absolute conformity of semi-finished products made of stainless materials to the requirements of regulatory enactments ensures high quality and serviceability of products ordered in our company. Each client regardless of the amount of his order is provided with attentive attitude and an individual approach.