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stainless steel

All steels can be divided for the purpose. Structural steel used for the manufacture of parts of mechanisms and structures. Of tool steel manufacture components, cutting, rolling, forging, measuring tools. To heat-resistant steels include alloys, whose mechanical properties, as a rule, are not of primary importance. Their main quality is the resistance to high temperature and aggressive environment. In turn, the composition of structural steel is divided into carbon and alloy. First contain up to 0.75%, the alloy can contain more than 10% of alloying elements (stainless steel). The latter have a special purpose corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, non-magnetic etc.


The basis of the marking put the alphanumeric system (GOST 4543−71). Alloying elements: nitrogen — A, V — f, W-, Si-, Mn — H, Ni — N, Ti — T, Mo — M, Co — Al, Cu — D, B — R, Nb — B, Zr — n, Cr — X, the Number of carbon is specified in hundredths of a percent number at the beginning of the abbreviation; the number of alloying elements in percent is indicated by the digit after the letter. The lack of numerals after the alphabetic index indicates that the element content less than 1.5%. High quality steel marked a, and particularly high quality — the letter W at the end of the abbreviation. For example, steel 10Х18Н18Ю4Д contains 0,10%, about 18% chromium and Nickel, 4% Al, less than 1.5% of copper.


Titanium (Ti) has ordinal number 22 in the periodic table, atomic weight 47,88. This easy heat-resistant metal. It weight share of 4.51 g/cm3, t° melting point of about 1668 °C, Ood. the weight of technical titanium VT1−00 and VT1−0 to 4.32 g/cm3. Titanium and titanium alloys combine lightness, strength, corrosion resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, heat resistance.

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