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VT5 brand belongs to the group of the first domestic titanium alloys industrial applications. This alloy has a single phase α-structure. VT5 was developed in the mid-twentieth century design Association VIAM. Foundry option alloy ВТ5Л became a domestic analog of foreign brands Ti-5Al-22,5 Sn. He is not hardened by quenching.

Chemical composition brand VT5

Al On N C Sn Zr H Si Fe V Ti
4,3−6 ≤0,15 ≤0,05 ≤0,1 2−3 ≤0.3 mm ≤0,015 ≤0,12 ≤0.3 mm ≤1,2 basis

Brand VT5−1 kg, cleaned from impurities, is used for production of cryogenic equipment. Used in impeller pumps for delivering liquid hydrogen.


Alloy t° plaul. UD. weight Treatment Properties Application
VT5 980−1030°



Low plasticity under pressure treatment. Low plasticity and medium toughness. Al improves the heat resistance and strength, but reduces the manufacturability. It is easily welded. Excellent castability. Fragments of continuously operating at a temperature of 350−400°.
VT5−1 950−990°



When casting can be difficult due to the impurities of tin. Al enhances processing quality. Sn increases the plasticity under pressure treatment. Details of aircraft, continuously operating at temperature of 400−450°.


High chemical and cryogenic resistance, good weldability, insensitivity to cuts, significant fatigue strength, allows the use of tube BT series in cryogenic equipment, shipbuilding, machine building, rocket production, aviation, processing industry etc.

Physical quality
The temperature at which the obtained data the features of t°C 20°C
The linear thermal expansion coefficient α [1/Deg] Up 10.47x10-6
Density [g/cm3] 4,4
The modulus of elasticity of 1 kind, E [MPa]x10-5 1,05
Specific heat at 20 °C [kJ/(kg·deg)] 0,586
The limit of the short-term mean. strength [MPa] 750−900
Coefficient thermal conductivity), l[W/(m·deg)] Of 18.85

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