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The titanium wheel has excellent heat resistance, which keeps the structure stable in a fairly wide temperature range. Unique properties are due to its balanced structure and special processing technology. High resistance to moisture, salt solutions, food acids against a background of sufficient plasticity determined the scope of this material. Due to its high performance, compliance with the most stringent sanitary and hygienic requirements, the titanium circle is widely used by medicine, light industry and food industry. With the advent of similar materials of the new generation, it became possible to improve the technological production processes and ensure a long-term reliable operation of the entire equipment complex.


Perhaps the only drawback — high cost, which in the long term is still guaranteed to pay off.

Application of

Resistance to corrosion, significant specific strength, heat resistance, non-magnetic — can use the titanium circle in aircraft, instrumentation, shipbuilding. Due to biological inertia, the titanium circle is invaluable in orthopedics, dentistry, the production of medical instruments and sports equipment. Corrosion resistance makes such a range of topical in industrial chemistry. Perhaps its only drawback is high cost, which in the long run is guaranteed to pay off anyway.


In the production of a circle of titanium, pure titanium grades VT1−00 and VT1−0 are used, as well as titanium alloys: OT 4−1, OT 4, BT 6, PT-7M, BT 20 in degassed and etched form.

Chemical composition
Make Ti Al Mn Mo V Zr
BT1−00 The basis - - - - -
VT1−0 — «- - - - - -
OT4 — «- 3,5−5 0.8−2 - - -
OT4−1 — «- 1−2.5 0.7−2 - - -
VT6 — «- 5.3−6.8 - - 3,5−5 -
PT-7M — «- 1.8−2.5 - - - 2−3
VT20 — «- 5.5−7.5 - 0.5−2 0.8−1.8 1.5−2.5

The production is standardized by GOST 27265−87. The circle should have a light color without shades of tarnish, without dark or oily stains, places of untreated. Titanium circle of high quality is designated by the letter «P», for example, OT-4P.


  • According to the manufacturing method: cold, hot rolled and forged.
  • On quality — high, normal, high quality («P»).
  • In length — an immense and dimensional length.
  • The surface can be ground and polished.

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The titanium circle is stored in covered rooms, where it is protected from undesirable damage. A huge choice on the site of OOO «_" titanium rolled products, including titanium wheels, is intended for wholesale and retail customers. The convenient delivery system and sincere attention to the customer will make the purchase as comfortable as possible, and the compliance of all semi-finished products with high quality standards will guarantee reliable operation The various parameters of the titanium circle presented in our warehouse will make it easy to find the right option to implement any engineering projects. ly.