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With copper mankind has been dealing with. Today in construction, electronics and electrical engineering of copper have no equal among the other non-ferrous metals. In the periodic table periodic table copper is under number 29. This transition non-ferrous metal Golden pink (red) color is famous for its ductility and malleability. It belongs to the group of heavy nonferrous metals. Get copper by copper ore processing and recycling of scrap metal. In combination with other additives, the copper takes on a different tone.


The thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity of copper is second only to the silver, that’s why it is widely used in the manufacture of wire and tires for the electrical parts. Copper has found wide application in all fields. More than 70% of copper consumption goes into the production of electrical engineering. The rest in construction, automotive and other industries. Another area of application of copper — production copper alloys into two major categories:

— brass (copper + zinc)

— bronze (copper + tin etc. non-ferrous metals).

Many companies use recycled copper. It is considered the most secure and profitable source of this metal. Now, copper can be purchased in almost any point of reception of scrap metal. Its price is influenced by a number of factors: the global and domestic economy, cleanliness of scrap, the number and remoteness from the centers of metal processing and localization of copper ore.


For marking brass wrought alloys using an alpha-numeric marking. L — means the brass (an alloy of copper and zinc), the number — percent copper content. Zinc, typically for the rest. If there are additional elements in the designation of the alloy types indicated by their capital letters, and the percentage of zinc then is not specified.


By adding other metals to optimize the quality of the brass alloy. For example, with tin the alloy becomes corrosion resistant, lead eases machining, iron and Nickel make the guide more durable. Brass cold deformation to produce wire, ribbons, radiator pipes and other metal products.

Bronze is a very broad group of alloys based on copper. They differ in their properties and performance, and has found application in all industries. These alloys are marked with the letters «Br». Are divided into cast and wrought. As in the case of brass alloys, the percentage of other metals in the bronze affects their properties. Tin (6%) makes the alloy ductility and anti-corrosion properties. Of these alloys produce rebar, bearing elements and bushing.

Material Mark Prefabricated Cross-section mm The presence of the kg
COPPER M 1 SHEET 0.5 mm 101
M 1 0.6 mm 96
M 1 0.8 mm 98
M 1 1−10mm 750
M 2 1−10mm 890
COPPER M 1 Tape 0,1x20−60 65
M 1 Tape 0,2x40 140
M 1 Tape 0,5x200 190
M 2 round 10−70mm 556
M 2 round 100−150 325
M 1 wire 0.5 mm 62
M 1 wire 1mm 70
BRASS L63 pipe seamless 14−48x1−7 540
LS59−1 36x8 70
LS59−1 42x8 482
LS59−1 55x12,5 360
BRASS L 63 sheet 0,3−1 mm 172,7
L 63 2−10mm 256
LS-59 1mm 13,8
LS-59 2−10mm 186
BRASS L 63 round 4−10mm 44
10−70mm 104
80−100mm 800
BRASS L 63 wire 2 89
3 56
-«- LS-59−1 hexagon 10−36mm 690

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