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Duralumin tube is a hollow profile of round, square, hexagonal cross-section produced in accordance with the following GOST: 18475−82, 18482−79 or 23697−79. Chem. the composition of the normalized GOST 4784−97. The alloy is alloyed with copper (4,4%), magnesium (1.5%) and manganese (0,5%). Copper and magnesium contributes to hardening alloy. Manganese, grinds structure, increases strength and resistance to corrosion. Iron and silicon in the composition of aluminum is an inevitable impurity. Iron is considered a harmful impurity, reduces the strength and ductility. Silicon to a certain extent smoothes the harmful effects of iron. Can be distinguished by method of production: duralumin pipe replacerange (no additional marking), with normal plating (A) and technology (B). Precision manufacturing is normal. After heat treatment, natural aging and hardening alloy is additionally marked with the letter T. the Surface of the product after quenching should not have traces of burnout.


Pipe differs adaptability, ease of installation, durability. Inferior to aluminum in corrosion resistance. To correct this, the surface of the pipe planiruetsya pure aluminum. Duralumin pipes are lightweight, they are easily cut and welded spot welded. For hardening apply heat treatment. Due to the annealing increases the ductility. Compared to steel, such pipes is much easier, cheaper, more simply mounted.


The production of lightweight and durable design, the construction of frames for high speed trains, planes and sports cars. These pipes can be used in the construction of facades and laying of pipelines for special purposes.

Material Mark Prefabricated Cross-section mm The presence of the kg Price
DURAL D16 pipe seamless 12x1 212 80
D16T -«- 140x25 290 90
AMG-2M -«- 22x1 146 80
DURAL AMCM pipe seamless 24x1 180 80


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