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Nb — refractory silvery metal, has the 41-th number in the periodic table of elements. The atomic weight of ~93, the density of 8.57 g/cm3, t° melting point 2468 °C, t° boiling point 4742 °C. the Crystal lattice cubic body-centered. In connection with other metals gives the alloy a very high thermal resistance and corrosion resistance.


Niobium is not only one of the most refractory metals, it is the basis of high-temperature, chemically resistant and superconducting alloys are used in metallurgical equipment, industrial chemistry, Metalworking. For nuclear power are important as niobium — narrow capture cross section for thermal neutrons and the induced radiation is minimal. Electrical — low work function of electrons. Qualities such as excellent machinability hot and cold, good weldability, make the valuable niobium structural material. The most important field of its use of space and aviation technology, military-industrial complex.


This multiple element of the earth’s crust. Mining and production it is associated with a number of difficulties. This is a fairly expensive metal. The niobium powder has a high Flammability. If contact with skin or mucous membranes of niobium dust causes irritation. MPC NB = 0.01 mg/l. the Penetration of niobium inside the body causes severe damage to the nervous tissue up to paralysis.


Heat-resistant alloys of niobium are important for the production of parts of aircraft. Carbide of niobium (t° melting 3480°C), produce molds for casting of liquid metal. Minimal induced radioactivity of niobium is not only the basis for the production of containers for the storage of radioactive substances, but also shells for nuclear installations. Liquid-metal coolants in atomic reactors move on niobium tubes. Low work function of electrons important in the manufacture of anodes, cathodes, powerful electronic tubes, generators, condensers, etc., Chemical resistance of alloys of niobium is widely used in the manufacturing of corrosion resistant equipment for the processing and the pulp and paper industry. Superconducting qualities of this metal La found use in cryotron components of computers.

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