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Silver solders, such as Rolot S2, Rothenberger have a multicomponent composition based on copper. They are alloyed with silver to 2.5%, phosphorus up to 6.5% and additives of such elements as cadmium, tin, and others that improve the quality of soldering. They melt at t:° 650−810°C. are suitable for soldering such copper alloys as bronze and brass. But such solders are not suitable for copper-Nickel or high Nickel alloys. For brass and bronze recommended flux paste LР5.


Soldered connections are heat-resistant. To connect a pair of copper no flux is required. These alloys are non-corrosive, harmless to health, characterized by high plasticity that are relevant to soldering of parts subject to considerable mechanical or thermal loads.


These alloys are designed for capillary-slot soldering during installation of copper pipes in cold/hot water, domestic gas pipeline systems, oil pipelines, and also for Assembly of refrigerators, air conditioners. They considerably facilitate the installation of copper piping without using pipe fittings. The HTS current solder for soldering aluminum parts. Allows you to work without the use of flux, which is very practical. as the aluminium is covered with a protective oxide film, and only the solder hts 2000 gives a high quality weld. This solder suitable for low temperature welding of non-ferrous metals. This requires only a gas burner, for example, propane, oxy-acetylene, or MAPP. The availability and ease of use make silver solder most relevant among the other solders for the soldering of non-ferrous metals.


Get acquainted with the range, specify main features, advantages, the use parameters products you can on our website. In the company «_" features unlimited range of solders in the form of ingots and bars, tubes, wire, bar, powders, foil, tapes, soldering pastes that are manufactured with strict adherence to technological norms. Carried out both wholesale and retail deliveries.

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