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The alloy called Nimonik was developed by European engineers during the last World War. It was then that the need for rapid development and improvement of aviation required the newest materials with very high performance characteristics. Today, after many improvements and a number of transformations for more than fifty years that have passed since the end of hostilities, such material rightfully occupies one of the leading places in many branches of the modern industrial complex.


This type of nickel alloy exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion, does not lose high strength properties at elevated temperatures in the operating area. Similar qualities are explained by the high content of nickel in the composition of the material. As additional alloying elements nimonic contains such substances as titanium, aluminum or chromium and some other additions. The alloy is characterized by considerable resistance to oxidative damage, resistance to scale formation on the surface. This type of raw material has a sufficiently high melting point (1310 — 1390 ° C) and is best suited for processing hot type. Also worth noting is the resistance of the material to the development of corrosion of the gas type, so that the scope of the alloy is significantly expanded. The recommended temperature in the working area for long-term and reliable operation of equipment from nimonics should not exceed one thousand degrees.

Application of

Manufacture of parts that operate under conditions of considerable overheating and experience increased loads during operation. To date, the main area of use of the material has been the production of structural elements of turbines used in the design of jet engines. High resistance to a significant increase in temperature allows us to use the nimonic in the production of those parts of the turbine, which in the process of operation are subject to significant heating in the flow of hot gases. Such an alloy, due to a number of extraordinary qualities, can be used in rocket engineering, nuclear power engineering, manufacturing of special equipment intended for work in difficult industrial conditions.

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