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General characteristics

Steel industry widely uses technical titanium grades VT1−00 and VT1−0. Their difference from each other consists in purity — oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, silicon, iron, and other impurities. Commercially pure titanium has low strength, but high ductility, which allows this material to even foil. Pure titanium grade VT1−00, it contains much less impurities, it is less durable, but more plastic. Technical titanium has a high tendency to hydrogen embrittlement. In titanium grade VT1−00 hydrogen should not be more than 0,008%, and VT1−0 not more than 0.01%.


To improve the strength of CP titanium is used a method such as cold deformation. But when it is used dramatically reduced plastic properties of the metal. Plasticity is reduced much more than it increases the strength. From the above we can conclude, that the cold deformation can not solve all aspects of the problem.


If you need titanium bars, rods, wire, pipes, plates and sheets from the following brands: VT1−0, OT4−0, OT4−1, OT4, VT5−1, VT5, VT6, Vt6s, VT3−1, VT8, VT9, VT14, ВТ15, ВТ16, ВТ18, ВТ18У, BT-20, VT22, BT-23, ВТ25, ПТ1М; alloys 2, ПТ3, ПТ7М, alloys 14, 19, 27, alloy 40, 37, and 5, TC5, ТС6, AT3, АТ6 etc. you can make a request for these products at evek.org. Waiting for your orders.

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In stock, LLC «" in the presence of a wide range of high quality titanium mill products of various alloys in standard and custom sizes. All the party goods have the quality certificate on conformity to requirements of standards and technical conditions. In the certificate marked by the manufacturer, the number of drawings and name parts, alloy grade, number of melt, the mechanical properties of components, the chemical composition and the results of additional tests. Implementation of orders in the shortest possible time. Wholesale buyers are offered preferential discounts.