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Duralumin (duralumin) — wrought aluminum alloy doped with copper (4,4%), magnesium (1.5%) and manganese (0,5%). Copper and magnesium contributes to hardening alloy. Manganese, grinds structure, increases strength and resistance to corrosion. Iron and silicon in the composition of aluminum is an inevitable impurity. Iron is considered a harmful impurity, reduces the strength and ductility. Silicon to a certain extent smoothes the harmful effects of iron. The name «duralumin» is a common engineering term. Alloy differs adaptability, ease of installation, durability. Inferior to aluminum in corrosion resistance. To eliminate this, the surface of duralumin planiruetsya pure aluminum. This technology allows to obtain an ideal material for aviation.

the types of rare metals

All rare metals are divided into four groups. 1. Textbook grade D1, the composition of which has remained unchanged since the first heats of the early twentieth century. 2. The hardened duralumin (D16 brand). Hardening is achieved by a high content of magnesium. 3. Alloy high heat resistance (D19 and ВД17) with a high percentage of copper and manganese. 4. The alloy of high plasticity (D18). Plasticity is achieved by a low percentage of copper and magnesium.

heat treatment

After annealing at t° 500 °C the dural acquires plasticity and flexibility, the same as that of pure aluminum. After aging, the alloy becomes hard and firm. Aging can be natural or artificial. For natural aging takes about a day. Artificial aging takes place faster at higher temperatures up to 200 °C. the Ability of rare metals to samopoznanie was noticed by accident. It became the basis of wide application of alloy in the aircraft industry.


The construction of warehouses and dwellings, sheathing the hulls of airplanes and high speed trains. Duralumin alloys are more durable compared to aluminium. The most widely used in the aircraft industry for the alloys D1 and D16. The D1 is the leading alloy for the manufacture of flat, profiled, profiled bars. High-ductility alloy D18 relevant for the production of rivets. Brand V95 — for extruded profiles. Heat-resistant alloys ВД17 and D19 — for the production of deformed semi-finished products, operating at elevated temperatures.


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