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Stainless nickel alloys with high heat resistance characteristics have long and effectively been used for the needs of all branches of the modern industrial complex. Despite the high price of nickel, materials with its high content with its unique working qualities completely compensate for the initial costs, ensuring long-term reliable operation of the entire equipment complex.


The alloy of the brand ХН80ТБЮ compares favorably with many similar materials with increased resistance to high temperature conditions during operation. Most often, products from it are used in the manufacture of turbine mechanisms, the temperature in the working zone of which does not exceed seven hundred degrees Celsius. In addition, this material is very resistant to high loads during operation, which is also important for turbine blade blades. An additional advantage of an alloy of this type is the resistance to the effects of gaseous media. After all, the main danger of destruction during the operation of turbine elements lies precisely in the corrosion of the gas type, which causes the loss of strength of the material along the grain boundaries that form the structure of the raw materials. Therefore, the alloy KhN80TBYu successfully combining a lot of useful and popular qualities of this kind, is simply indispensable for aircraft building and machine building.


The percentage of chemical elements, in accordance with the requirements of GOST 5632−72
silicon carbon iron manganese phosphorus sulfur nickel chromium aluminum titanium niobium
Up to 0,8 Up to 0.08 until 3 Up to 1 Up to 0,015 Up to 0,012 72.3−81.7 15−18 0.5−1 1.8−2.3 1−1.5

Technological parameters

Weldability Necessary operations
The material refers to the type of alloys difficult to weld Before welding, the contacting surfaces are heated to two hundred or three hundred degrees. After welding, to improve the characteristics of the seam zone, the semi-finished product undergoes high-temperature annealing.
Mechanical properties
Name of the characteristic Symbol Numeric value
Limit of proportionality (yield index for deformation of residual type), MPa ST 650
Short-term strength (limit value), MPa Sv 950
Relative elongation at breaking strength,% D5 18
Impact strength index, kJ / m 2 KCU 700
Relative narrowing,% Y 22

Physical properties

Name of the characteristic The numerical value of the parameter
Modulus of elasticity (E), MPa 1.68 1.78 1.88 1.97 2.04 2.1 2.15 2.21 2.24
Temperature measurement (T), ºC 800 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 20
The coefficient of linear expansion, measured at a temperature of 200 ºC (аx10 6), 1 / deg 16.4 15.6 14.9 14.4 14 13,1
Heat capacity (I), W / (m * deg) 28.9 26.3 26.3 24.3 20.1 17.9 15.5 13.4
Density, kg / m3 8300
Specific electrical resistance, Ohm 1240 1230 1220 1200 1190 1180 1170

Magnetic parameters

Name of the characteristic Designation
Coercive force (not more than), A / m Ns
Magnetic permeability (not more than), MH / m Umax
The maximum specific losses (not more) at a frequency of 50 Hz and the value of the magnetic induction of 1.0 T, W / kg P1,0 / 50
The value of magnetic induction, for a field with a strength of 100 (not less), A / m B100

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A huge selection of semi-finished products from the alloy of grade ХН80ТБЮ ensures the realization of any wishes of the customer. In the event that a standard set of sizes does not suit the customer, the possibility of manufacturing the necessary products can be considered, according to the original sketches. Constantly high quality of manufacture and full conformity of all products from similar materials to requirements of the standard documentation provides high quality and serviceability of products ordered in our company. Each client regardless of the amount of his order is provided with attentive attitude and an individual approach.