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Alloy 08KH17N15M3T

Production and use

Steel 08KH17N15M3T (ЭИ580) refers to high-alloy alloys of the austenitic class. Production is regulated by the following GOST: 18143−72; 18907−73; 25054−81; 5632−72; 5949−75; 7350−77; 9940−81 and 9941−81. Such steel is used in welded structures, working with phosphoric and acetic acid, etc. aggressive environments, in the columns of the synthesis of urea, when using steel with a lower proportion of Nickel causes selective corrosion on sections of S-ferrite. Physical properties at 20 °C Density 7.9 g/cm3; specific heat 0,504 · 103, j/(kg · K); modulus of elasticity of 20, 3 · 10−4, N/mm2; thermal conductivity 0,147 · 102 W/(m · K); specific electrical resistance of 0,75 Ohm • mm2/m. the Corrosion resistance of the GOST: 5582−75, 5949−75, 7350−77, 9940−81, 9941−81 normalized resistance to intergranular corrosion according to method AM and AMU GOST 6032−89 after annealing at t° 650 °C (1 hour). This steel has 1 point of corrosion resistance (less than 0.1 mm/year) in 10% formic acid at 100 °C; 50% citric acid at boiling t º; 5−25% H2SO4 and 75 °C; 50% acetic acid up to 100 °C and 80% up to 80 °C; 25% HPO4 at t º a boil and 40% up to 100 °C., Steel 17−13−2 (3) and 17−15−3 with molybdenum in the composition is more resistant to pitting corrosion in chlorine environments than stainless steel, 18−10. Mo affects the resistance to intergranular corrosion in oxidizing medium.


Hot deformation occurs in the interval 1200−850°C. For ingots containing 5-ferrite, t° the beginning of the deformation is reduced. This steel allows a high degree of cold deformation.


Brands such as 08Х17Н15МЗТ, 08KH17N13M2T, 10X17H13M2T (3T), easy to weld automatic, manual, electric arc and gas methods. For RDS recommended electrodes NZH-13, NIAT-1 EA-400/10U; for automatic — wire SV-04Х19Н11 SV-06Х19Н10МЗТ with fluxes an-26, ANF-6, ANF-14. For ADS, submerged arc welding is used additive SV-01Х19Н18Г10АМ4.

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