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The alloy called Inconel 750 owes its properties to a successful and well-balanced combination of chromium and nickel in its composition. Additional impurities improve the initial useful properties and allow achieving consistently high performance. The main distinguishing feature of this type of raw material is the ability to actively resist corrosion under the influence of an aggressive industrial environment. Therefore, the scope of use of such an alloy covers almost all the most complex areas of modern production.


Due to the considerable nickel content of the Inconel 750, when exposed to atmospheric air, a thin, but strong oxide coating is formed on the surface of the semi-finished products, which can reliably protect the products from the harmful effects of concentrated aggressive chemicals. This alloy is distinguished by considerable strength, good resistance to fatigue processes under the influence of long-term stresses.

Percent composition
carbon manganese sulfur silicon chromium nickel copper cobalt titanium aluminum iron niobium
0.08 1.0 0.01 0.5 14−17 Not less than 70 0.5 Up to 1 2.25−2.75 0.4−1.0 5−9 0.7−1.2

The operating temperature for prolonged unattended operation should not exceed seven hundred and four degrees Celsius. A wide range of products allows you to easily implement complex engineering projects. Today, in wide sale sheets, plates, strips, tubular products, circles, and also other semi-finished products from this alloy are presented.

Application of

Rotor blades of turbine aircraft engines, turbine wheels, fasteners and parts of the combustion chambers of rockets — have proven themselves. After all, they are able to work long and efficiently both under the influence of an aggressive gas environment, and under the influence of significant dynamic loads. Continuous improvement of the production process and strict adherence to technological processing regimes make it possible to achieve consistently high results in the form of high-quality industrial equipment with guaranteed operational properties.

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