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In terms of its chemical composition, Incoloy 825 belongs to the group of alloys on an iron-nickel base with the addition of chromium. This unique combination not only ensures high performance of raw materials, but also lowers its cost by replacing a portion of expensive nickel with cheaper iron. Products of this type are very diverse and represented by a large number of names of semi-finished products. This pipe, sheet, strip, wire, circles, forgings, flanges, fittings. Such a wide assortment of types of products and their geometric dimensions makes it possible to realize any production technology.


The high working capacity of the material of the grade of Incoloy 825 is explained by its considerable resistance to corrosive phenomena, both gap and intercrystallite types. This is due to the unique chemical composition of the raw materials.

Percent composition
carbon manganese sulfur silicon chromium nickel molybdenum copper titanium aluminum iron
0.05 1.0 0.03 0.5 19.5−23.5 38−46 2.5−3.5 1.5−3.0 0.6−1.2 Up to 0.2 At least 22

It is important to note that materials of this type are not prone to cracking when exposed to corrosive substances or elevated temperatures. Significant overheating does not reduce the mechanical characteristics of the alloy, the operating temperature of this material can vary from 870 to 1180 ° C without reducing the performance of the product. Incoloy 825 is well weldable, so it can be used for the manufacture of various welded-type structures.

Application of

Due to its unique qualities, the scope of materials of the Incoloy 825 type is very diverse. This alloy is especially relevant in those industries for which high resistance to corrosion and resistance of semi-finished products to wear due to significant loads is important. The production of chemical equipment, pipeline systems of the oil refining complex, the manufacture of instruments and equipment for the power industry, the paper industry — all these industries are in dire need of such a material with unique operational qualities. Delivery and basic requirements for the production of such products are regulated by GOST and technical conditions. At the customer’s request, semi-finished products can be supplied in a variety of geometric sizes and surface quality. The affordable price of semi-finished products and the high quality of their production in accordance with regulatory documentation determines the increased demand for products of this type. Continuous improvement of the production process and accurate adherence to technological processing regimes make it possible to obtain consistently high results in the form of high-quality industrial equipment with guaranteed operational advantages.

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High demand for the products of the alloy grade Incoloy 825 is due to the optimal combination of price and quality. A wide range of products and a convenient way of ordering make the purchase from us as comfortable as possible. Full compliance of all products with the requirements of regulatory documentation for it and the availability of quality certificates for each type of product guarantees a long-term reliable operation of the ordered materials. The invariably high quality of semi-finished products determines the constant trust of our customers.