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Brass trumpet today is actively used in various industries. Brass radiator tubes is relevant in the design of heat transfer equipment; cold rolled pipes — for plumbing wiring, nipples, couplings. Such pipes are in demand in machine building, instrument making, shipbuilding. Elastic brand of brass are used to manufacture springs and pressure sensitive elements of the sensors.


Pipe brass
TU GOST Mark pipes Settings
48−21−667, 184550−106−033 494, 21646, 2622 Lamsh77−2-0,05; Lcacs; Mcainch; L63, L68; Lmcska; Lcang; LO70−1, Lomsh70−1-0, 05; Lmsh68−0,05. 3−200x0,8−40хL

GOST 494 regulates the manufacture of cold pipes brands L63 and L68, extruded tubes brands L63, LS59−1. GOST 11383 — thin — walled pipes with a wall of 0.15 — 0.35 and 0.4 — 0.7 mm brands L63, L68, l96 (composition according to GOST 15527−70). GOST 21646 regulates the production of pipes of brass L68, Lmsh68−0,05, LO70−1, Lomsh70−1-0,05 Lamsh77−2-0,05 (composition according to GOST 15527−70). GOST 2622 — manufacture of pressure pipes brand L63 (composition according to GOST 15527).

gauge pipe

Production normalized TU 48−21−363−88. Used mark LCMC 75−2-2,5−0,5−0,5, a composition according to GOST 15527. Cross-section:

  • round.
  • oval;
  • oval;

radiator pipe

Production of normalized GOST 529. Used brand L68, (composition according to GOST 15527). Cross-section:

  • round;
  • hex;
  • in polutrusy.

waveguide pipe

Production of normalized GOST 20900. Used stamps L63 and l96 and (composition according to GOST 15527). Cross-section:

  • rectangular;

extruded and drawn pipe

Production normalized TU 48−0814−102−99. Used brand LS59−1 (composition according to GOST 15527). Cross-section:

  • round;
  • hex;
  • octagonal.

Used for the needs of housing and communal construction.


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