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Chromel is a representative of thermoelectrode alloys based on nickel (up to 91%) and chromium (up to 10%). The alloy is alloyed with iron, manganese, copper, silicon, cobalt. The total content of these impurities does not exceed 1.5%.

  • Density of 8.71 g / cm 3 ;
  • Melting point + 1500 ° C;
  • Hot rolling of the alloy occurs at t ° + 1200 ° C;
  • Annealing — at t ° 900 ° C;
  • Specific resistance = 0,66 Ohmmm 2 / m;

Nickel gives the material heat resistance and corrosion resistance in an aggressive environment, due to the formation of a surface oxide film. Chromel is distinguished by a significant thermo-emf in contact with other materials. The increase in thermoelectromotive force with heating occurs almost rectilinearly from 0 to 1000 ° C. The magnitude of the thermoelectromotive force of the chromelium strongly depends on the cooling rate after annealing. The value of thermo-emf is lower the more rapidly the metal cools. When measuring t ° more than 600 ° C, the instruments give an error of 6%. With the artificial inhibition of the cooling of the alloy from 600 ° to 205 ° C, the thermoelectromotive force stabilizes and the accuracy of the readings increases.


Chromel is inert in reducing and oxidizing to t ° 1000 ° C, but a high percentage of nickel makes it sensitive to hot hydrogen and sulfur. On the surface a green coating forms, reducing the thermoelectric potential and increasing the fragility of the material. Wire-chromel, because of the nickel base, has a high cost.

Application of

Chromel wire is more popular than a tape or a circle. Such a wire is used in heating devices, thermocouples, rheostats, compensating wires. In thermocouples, chromel-alumel chromel is used as a positive electrode to t ° 1000 ° C. Since the electric potential grows linearly with increasing temperature, this greatly simplifies the calibration of pyrometers.


Supplied chromel in the form of: tape, wire Ø 0.1−12 mm or a circle with a cross section of up to 100 mm. To become more detailed with the products, to clarify its basic properties, you can place an order through our website The company «_" Ltd. presents an unlimited range of wire from chrome.

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