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Magnesium pipe is very light, workable and practical in application. UD. weight of magnesium in normal conditions is = 1.7 g/cm3, t° melting point of 651 °C. of Its surface protected by the oxide film, which at 623 °C is destroyed, then the magnesium flashes and burns not only on air, but in carbon dioxide. Technical magnesium produced by the electrolysis of molten mixture of chlorides of potassium, magnesium and sodium. After the initial allocation of necessary additional cleaning. Electrolytic refining is used in a mixture with special fluxes. Chemically pure magnesium is obtained by sublimation in vacuum. Refined magnesium has impurities not more than 0.001%. Another thermal method of producing magnesium provides for the recovery of magnesium oxide by silicon or coke when heated. Price of 1 kg of magnesium ingot is about $ 3.


Mg well-rolled, punched, bent, easily drilled and cut. This is one of the cheapest and most high-tech metals of the present. However, pure magnesium is quite brittle, the more valuable its alloys as structural material. The majority of its alloys are lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant materials. Magnesium tubes — seamless, made from alloys with aluminum, zinc, titanium, manganese, beryllium. These alloys get bestlolitas melting under the protection of inert atmosphere. They absorb the vibration, have the widest field of use. Improved mechanical properties at high temperature is achieved additives of neodymium cerium, thorium. Cerium and zirconium modify the crystal lattice. Supplement of 0.6% Zr reduces the cross section of the grain. Zirconium, and manganese reduce the negative impact of iron and Nickel on the properties of the alloys.

The disadvantages include difficulties in melting, casting and hardening of magnesium alloys. Magnesium does not apply to heat-resistant materials. In its pure form is quite a fragile material.


Lightweight, technologically advanced and durable pipe of magnesium alloys relevant to the automotive and aerospace industries, where it is particularly important to reduce the overall weight of the structure. Such items in the amount of greatly facilitate weight, reduce the fuel consumption and increases the efficiency of the model. Tube of small diameter, indifferent to exposure to freon, used in the construction of domestic and industrial refrigerators. Tubes of small diameter are also used in electric and electronic industry. The lack of interaction with the uranium was the reason for using magnesium pipes in the nuclear power industry


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