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The material with the marking ХН50ВМТЮБ-ви refers to the type of nickel high-temperature alloys. This raw material is recommended to be used for the manufacture of products, the operating temperature of which does not exceed nine hundred and fifty degrees (with limited time operation mode). High stability not only to high-temperature operation modes, but also to significant loads significantly increases the scope of their application. This alloy is used in the production of various parts such as flanges or fittings and other semi-finished products experiencing high loads during the performance of their functions.


A sufficiently high content of nickel determines the good stability of the alloy to the action of a gas or liquid aggressive medium. The ability to resist fatigue processes for a long time, when working under the influence of high loads determines the durability and reliability of operation of semi-finished products of this type. However, poor weldability limits the use of such an alloy in the formation of welded structures. Welding of steel ХН50ВМТЮБ-ви requires preliminary preparation. Due to good performance indicators, such alloy is easily processed by cutting or forging. Hot working begins at a temperature of about one thousand one hundred and seventy degrees and ends at 850 ° C by the end of the forging procedure.

normative documents

Type of processing or type of semi-finished product Designation Normative document
Semi-finished products such as shaped or long products B32

TU 14−1-3046−97

GOST 22411−77

Blanks such as slabs and blanks B31

TU 14−1-1213−75

TU 14−1-4103−86

OST 1 90424−92

Semi-finished products such as strips and sheets B33

TU 14−1-1052−74

TU 14−1-1072−74

Tape production B54 TU 14−1-1423−75
Semi-finished products such as connecting parts or steel pipes B62

TU 14−3-837−79

TU 14−8-37−2001

Various forgings and principles of pressure treatment B03 TU 14−1-1530−75

Documents regulating the shape and dimensions of semi-finished products

Product type Designation of the standard
Semifinished products hot-rolled round GOST 2590−88
Prefabricated hot-rolled square products

GOST 2591−88

OST 14−2-205−87

Semifinished products forged round and square GOST 1133−71
Semifinished products strip forged and hot-rolled GOST 4405−75
Semifinished products, hot-rolled, hexahedral GOST 2879−88
Semifinished products round calibrated GOST 7417−75
Semifinished products square well-calibrated GOST 8559−75
Semifinished hexagonal calibrated GOST 8560−78
Semifinished products with specially finished surface GOST 14955−77


A balanced combination of price parameters and product quality from the alloy ХН50ВМТЮБ-ви, has caused a high demand for such semi-finished products. A wide range of products, reasonable price and availability of ordering make the purchase from us as comfortable as possible. Full compliance of all semi-finished products with regulatory acts on it and the availability of quality certificates for each type of product guarantees a long-term reliable operation of the ordered materials. The invariably high quality of semi-finished products determines the constant trust of our customers.