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Stainless chromium-nickel alloys with high characteristics of heat resistance, including ХН62ВМЮТ-Ѕ (EP708−½) have long and effectively been used for the needs of modern industry. Despite the high price of nickel, materials with its high content with its unique working qualities completely compensate for the initial costs, ensuring long-term reliable operation of equipment under the most difficult conditions.


The composition contains 62% nickel doped with molybdenum, tungsten, aluminum and titanium. The alloy brand KhN62VMYUT-vd favorably differs from many similar materials with increased resistance to high temperature conditions up to 700 degrees Celsius. Such material is very resistant to high loads during operation. An additional advantage of this type of alloy is its resistance to aggressive gases. Therefore, the steel HN62VMYUT-v successfully combining these and a number of other useful qualities, is widely used in aircraft building, power engineering industry (manufacturing of machinery and equipment for power engineering), rocket and space technology. The pipe of grade ХН62ВМЮТ-вд is used in industrial gas removal systems. Due to its high corrosion resistance, the alloy is used in water supply systems. Pipes brand HN62VMYUT-vv meets the strictest sanitary standards, Circle and bar of steel ХН62ВМЮТ-vb are used in construction, machine-tool building in industrial engineering and other industries.


Qualitative manufacture with constant control over observance of the requirements of technological discipline, absolute conformity of semifinished products of brand ХН62ВМЮТ-v with all items of normative documentation, as well as low cost of products determine the great popularity of such material for modern production needs. The entire range of such products is represented on the website of LLC «_" .The sincere attention to the needs of each customer and the prompt registration of the order, regardless of its value, are the hallmark of our company.