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general characteristics

Nichrome consists of elements such as nickel, chromium, manganese and iron. Specific alloy of 8.4 g / cm 3, and specific resistance 1.1−1.2 Ohmmm 2 / m, melting point 1100−1400 ° C, specific heat at 20 ° C is 0.47 kJ / (Kg · K). Nichrome is used in the manufacture of heating elements designed for high operating temperatures (up to 1250 ° C). Mechanical strength (tensile strength is 0.75−0.80 GPa). The test temperature, mechanical properties, electrical resistivity are regulated by GOST 12766 .1−90.

Nichrome produces heating elements. Electrothermal equipment, as well as precision resistors. This alloy is widely used in industrial drying and firing ovens.

Physical properties of nichrome X20N80
Ud. Weight g / cm 3 8.4
Operating temperature t ° С Up to 1250 ° С
Melting point t ° C 1400 ° C
Annealing temperature t ° С 870−1040 ° C
Ud. Electric resistance Ohmmm 2 / m 1.18
Thermal conductivity K [W / (m · K)] 92
Mechanical strength GPa 0.75−0.8

The main advantages of nichrome are explained by its chemical composition. The value is not only the presence of certain elements, but also their correlation. Therefore, in order to choose the right alloy, it is necessary to get acquainted with the most important qualities of all used nichrome brands.


— Heat resistance and heat resistance, even in conditions of constant interaction with corrosive environments (the temperature in the working zone can reach one thousand two hundred and fifty degrees);

— ability to maintain shape stability under the influence of high temperatures;

— plasticity, which makes it easy to process this material even in a cold state;

— Stably high electrical resistance, indispensable in the production of heaters.


The main disadvantage is the high cost of nichrome.

Nichrome brands

Nichrome Х15Н60 is an alloy that consists of nickel-60% and chromium-15%, the rest — iron and impurities: titanium, manganese, silicon, carbon, aluminum, etc.

The percentage composition of X15N60 is GOST 10994−74 .

Alloy C Al Fe Ni Cr Mn P Ti Si S
X15N60 ≤0.15 ≤0.2 17.3−29.2 55−61 15−18 ≤1,5 ≤0,03 ≤0.3 0.8−1.5 ≤0,02

In nichrome X15N60 nickel is less than in brand Х20Н80, which reduces the heat resistance index, and the iron content is higher than in Х20Н80, which leads to the appearance of magnetic properties and less corrosion resistance.

The percentage composition of H20N80 is GOST 10994−74 .

Alloy C Al Fe Ni Cr Mn P Ti Si S
X20N80 ≤0,1 ≤0.2 ≤1,5 72.7−79.1 20−23 ≤0,7 ≤0,03 ≤0.3 0.9−1.5 ≤0,02

The brand Х20Н80 is popular due to the ability to work at high temperature for a long time. Heat resistance is greater than that of nichrome 15H60. The operating temperature of X20N80 can reach 1250 ° C. Widely used for air and water heaters, electric furnace spirals, for thermo-knives, etc.

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