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General characteristics

Cryogenic structural steel 03KH17N14M3 (000Х17Н13М2) belongs to the group of austenitic steels for special purposes. In addition to iron, chromium and Nickel that form the basis of, the structure includes a number of additional alloying elements that significantly increase the original quality of the material and ensure stability of its performance. For alloying apply molybdenum, manganese silicon, etc. Thanks to the optimal technological and operational parameters such material is used for the manufacture of parts, working in conditions of increased aggressiveness and cryogenic temperatures.


The most important qualities of steel 03KH17N14M3 include corrosion resistance, strength, good weldability. These qualities allow the use of semi-finished products made from similar raw materials by chemical production in a wide temperature range. Thanks to the optimal technological and operational parameters such material actively oppose the influence of aggressive environment, providing reliability and longevity of vital equipment.


Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72.

Alloy C Si Cr   Mn   P S Ni Fe
03KH17N14M3 ≤0,03 ≤0,4 16−18 1−2 ≤0,035 ≤0,02 13−15 basis

Manufacture of semi-finished products normalized following GOST: 5949−75, 25054−81, 5582−75, as well as the following TU: 14−1-1154−74, 14−1-1183−74, 14−1-1541−75, 14−1-2132−77, 14−1-2134−77, 14−1-2144−77, 14−1-240−72, 14−1-692−73, 14−3-396−75,14−11−245−88.


Used for products operating in conditions of increased aggressiveness, serves for the manufacture of heat transfer equipment, cryogenic engineering. Can be operated at t° to -196°C. is Used for welded components of chemical equipment for the production of caprolactam and urea.


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