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Due to the special technological and operational qualities, Lantana is widely used in modern optics, electronics, ceramic production. Using such materials of new generation have the opportunity to improve technological processes of production and to ensure long term reliable operation of the whole complex of equipment. Lanthanum and its analogues are used in the production of lighting equipment, lasers, television equipment. Also the lanthanides are used in the production of heat-resistant ceramics, which is characterized by extreme refractoriness. Valuable qualities Lantana today is still not fully used. The most promising areas of optical devices and sensors. Most often this industry uses lanthanum oxide as a component of optical glasses. Another area of application of the oxides of the lanthanides is abrasives for polishing. For example, the well-known powder «polirit» contains an oxide of lanthanum.


Lanthanum — a silvery metal covered with the oxide film, leading a number of the 14 lanthanides in the periodic table, similar in physical-chemical properties and applications. In normal conditions, it does not change — the oxide film protects it from oxidation, in contact with hot condensate, it forms a hydroxide of medium strength. Industrially, chemically pure lanthanum is produced from bastnesite and monazite.

Physical quality La
Atomic (molar) mass, g/mol 139
The degree of oxidation 3
Density [g/cm3] 6,17
The melting temperature t°C 920°C
The heat of fusion kJ/mol 8,5
The thermal conductivity K [W/(m·K)] 13,4
Heat of evaporation kJ/mol 402

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