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Stainless steel alloy 30X13 belongs to the category of corrosion-resistant ordinary steels produced on the basis of iron and chromium. The most important qualities of this material include high toughness, elasticity, corrosion resistance. This steel meets the most stringent sanitary-hygienic requirements. These qualities allow the use of semi-finished products made of such raw materials in the food industry, medicine, home appliances manufacture. Thanks to the optimal technological and operational parameters such material actively resists corrosion, action of chlorinated water and salt solutions. The lack of Nickel in the alloy structure reduces the cost of material compared to other stainless steels .


Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72.

Alloy C Si Co   Mn   P S Ni Fe
30X13 0,26−0,35 ≤0,8 --- ≤0,8 ≤0,03 ≤0,025 --- basis

30X13 steel is smelted in open electric arc or induction furnaces. Manufacture of semi-finished products normalized following GOST: 1133−71, 18143−72, 18907−73, 25054−81, 5582−75, 5949−75, 4405−75, 14955−77, 2590−2006, 2591−2006, 7417−75, and also THAT: 14−1-2186−77, 14−11−245−88


Manufacture of household items, medical instruments, springs, measuring tools. Due to compliance with the most stringent hygiene requirements and low cost, this steel is today one of the leading places in the sector manufacturing of household and medical equipment. In addition, the steel 30X13 is used for the manufacture of bearings, compressor components, operating in a slightly aggressive environment at t up to 450 °C.

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