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Beryllium is element # 4 in the periodic table of Mendeleev, where indicated as Be. It is light and durable metal, which transmits its advantages alloys. It is used to produce components of satellites and rocket equipment. Beryllium dust is very toxic, causes severe damage to the lungs. Beryllium oxide in the ceramic is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, used as an insulator.

Chemical properties beryllium is not similar to magnesium, which adjoins in the same group as aluminum. Under normal conditions, beryllium metal does not exhibit chemical reactivity, no is oxidized to t° of 600 °C in a compact form and does not interact with hydrogen, superheated steam even at red heat temperature. In powder easily ignites with the formation of oxide and nitride. At temperatures > 600 °C. beryllium reacts with Halogens, with ammonia at t°1200°C, forms a nitride Be3N2, and with carbon at t° 1700 °C forms carbide Ве2С. Beryllium is soluble in diluted inorganic acids but concentrated cold nitric acid passivate it. From a solution of alkali it displaces hydrogen with the formation of hydroxide.


Nuclear power, laser and x-ray equipment, produce components of satellites and rockets. Beryllium is relevant in the alloying of steels needed in the mining and processing industries. The alloys are simultaneously lightweight, strong, and heat resistant. It is indispensable in the production of heat shields and missile defense systems. Oxyliquit beryllium is the basis of powerful explosives. Beryllium bronze alloyed with 2% of Be, characterized by high strength, elasticity and corrosion resistance. Copper-beryllium alloy has a high processability, has excellent mechanical and casting quality that allows its use in engineering and art castings.


The production of beryllium bronze normalizes GOST 18175−78. Bronze-beryllium range is manufactured by casting with subsequent hot and cold treatment according to GOST 24301−93 Manufacture of hexagon made of bronze-beryllium alloy Brb2 normalized GOST 1628−78. Beryllium bronze for its technical merits superior to the tin when you hit spark, their use in a potentially explosive environment. Bronze brand Brb2 make flat and long products. GOST 1789- — 79 regulates the production of ribbons and bands. GOST 15835−70 — bars. Cylindrical workpiece and a plate of bronze brand Br BNT produced according to TU 48−21−92−89; Manufacture of strips or rods of copper alloy, cobalt and beryllium ICD of 0,5 — 2,5 normalized TU 48−21−5049−74. Tape brands Brb2, Brbnt1,9, regulates THAT 48−21−265−87.


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