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Alloys based on iron and nickel have long been known in modern industry as high-quality raw materials, which has unique performance indicators. The content of a complex of alloying components in such materials predetermined high parameters of stability of operating properties and optimization of important operational characteristics.

Basic qualities

The alloy ХН35ВТ is a material with high resistance to significant temperature changes in the working area and high resistance to corrosion damage. By type, this raw material can be attributed to a highly alloyed variety, since in addition to the main elements, the composition of the material includes a whole complex of additional alloying substances. The operating temperature, recommended for the long-term and reliable operation of semi-finished products, can vary from nine hundred to one thousand degrees, with a moderate load during operation. When welding to obtain a quality weld, such structural elements require preheating to two hundred degrees and subsequent heat treatment.


Percentage of GOST 5632−72 .

Alloy C Ti Fe Ni Cr Mn P S Si W
ХН35ВТ ≤0.12 1.1−1.5 38.23−47.1 34−38 14−16 1−2 ≤0,03 ≤0,02 ≤0,6 2.8−3.5

When forging semi-finished products from alloy ХН35ВТ the temperature gradually decreases from the beginning to the end of the procedure from 1170 to 850 degrees, and then the finished products should be cooled in the open air. Currently, a huge range of products is produced from this material, which is used in various sectors of the national economy. For various pipelines and structures for construction purposes, the current pipe is of the brand KhN35VT. The variety of section profiles of a similar product, as well as its geometric dimensions, allows choosing the most suitable variant for solving a problem of any complexity. To ensure the unchanged quality of production of such an important constructive material, its main parameters are standardized by state-level standards.

Application of

Especially often, alloys of this type are used in the machine-building and oil-extracting industries, because high resistance to corrosion damage and considerable heat resistance of the material allows to ensure efficient operation and a long period of maintenance-free operation in the most difficult industrial conditions. To prevent the formation of scale on semi-finished products from alloy ХН35ВТ it is not recommended to exceed the temperature limit of 850 ° C in the working area of the product. The HN35VT pipe is in demand in the domestic sphere when cold or hot water is supplied to residential buildings.

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At the customer’s request, the delivery option for semi-finished products of this brand can be the most diverse from pipes with galvanized surface or rolled threads, to products without surface coating and additional elements. Basically, similar pipe semi-finished products are available in lengths ranging from four to twelve meters, but at the request of the buyer, the possibility of manufacturing an individual order can be considered. The high quality of the products presented by us and the responsible approach to the delivery terms is the constant motto of our company throughout its life.